What is PC Happy?

PC Happy is here to make you happy with your PC! I have created this site to help computer users around the world. To help them learn and get the most out of their PC, and fix the most annoying PC issues. Whether you are a beloved grandpa or grandma wanting to learn computers, a mom or dad trying to fix the computer, a young hotshot experimenting with computers, a Linux lover, or just a simple troubled PC user, this website has been created just to help YOU!

I believe the best things in life come for free, so everything here is FREE, and you are most welcome to share everything on this site FREELY with your friends & loved ones.

But if you find this site helpful, please consider a donation if you can.

I give my best efforts to make this site as helpful and useful for YOU, so feel free to give your comments or suggestions. Or if you think you have a solution to a common PC problem, you are welcome to share it on this site and I will include it on this site with your name.

As for me, I’m just a simple, sweet, and AMAZINGLY enthusiastic boy in India, who loves people and helping people 🙂 So be assured of great service, support and hand-holding…..all along.

Be PC Happy!

Thanks for visiting my site…..please come again.

With best regards, Yasser


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